Lemukutan Island, wonderful island on west kalimantan, you can swim, snorkeling, diving, sunrise, sunset, and Staycation seen the ocean

lemukutan island


Lemukutan Island Village, located in the administrative area of ​​Sungai Raya Kepulauan Subdistrict, Bengkayang Regency, is a village that is currently a favorite destination for tourists in West Kalimantan.

Because of its close location, it is easy to access from the Capital City of West Kalimantan Province, Pontianak City, it only takes 3.5 hours by land, followed by crossing the sea for approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, you can relax and enjoy the stunning natural scenery. .

If you are in Singkawang City, getting to the pier only takes about 30 minutes by road from Singkawang City.

The city of Singkawang is also used to be an alternative city for tourists from outside West Kalimantan or upstream of West Kalimantan to be a stopover, or a short break before taking a tour to Lemukutan Island.

On Lemukutan Island, you can do various activities, starting from just relaxing and enjoying the view of the blue sea, swimming, playing canoeing, and also the main goal of going to Lemukutan is to enjoy the charming underwater beauty.

To enjoy the underwater beauty on Lemukutan Island, you can do it by snorkeling (surface diving), where to do this activity does not require special skills, it is enough to have the basic ability to be able to swim. You can do snorkeling activities, even if you can’t swim, you can also be assisted by Experienced snorkel guides are still required to use the main equipment, namely a Life Jacket.

If you have a diving license, you can also do DIVING activities here so you can explore deeper under the sea and dive longer using SCUBA equipment. For now if you want to DIVING you cannot go directly to the island, because there are no DIVE MASTER and SCUBA equipment on standby on the island, you must confirm some time in advance if you want to dive with a DIVE MASTER who is experienced in the West Kalimantan area here is ORCA DIVE CENTER affiliated with POSSI KALBAR (Indonesian Subaquatic Sport Association).

Another activity that can be done around the island is using a motorbike, which can be rented at a motorbike rental place.

You can walk to the back or west side of the island to enjoy the sunset, and see the villages or settlements of the Lemukutan Island people.

lemukutan island

For an easier trip, you can join the Lemukutan Island tour package, with pulaulemukutan.com professional guide since 2014, has serving many vacation tourist in lemukutan island.


Tour Package for Foreign Tourist 2 Day 1 Night

We serving tour for guiding at Lemukutan Island

Trips to Lemukutan together us. we will guide you find Lodge for stay one night, and other activity at Island.

More people can’t speak English on the island, of course it will be very difficult for you to communicate with many people on the island.
Taveling with us makes your vacation easy for communication with island people.

A little picture of a vacation trip to Lemukutan Island with us, we can explain it in the itinerary below

Day 1

  • Start pick up from Singkawang at 6.30 AM Trip to Port for 30 minutes
  • and then wait at motorboat, until the captain start sail to island
  • the journey 1 hour and 10 minute at the sea to Lemukutan
  • and then we bring you to lunch, at warung or other
  • after lunch have free time to rest at lodge, if want to snorkeling you can use the time for rent snorkeling equipment, and then go snorkeling with our local guide
  • afternoons we bring you for watching the sunset by west side of island with motorcycle. we provide just one motorcycle
  • if you over than one person must rent a motorcycle again.
  • night activity, if you want fish barbecue for dinner, you can order fish dan burn with our local guide before, for buy fresh fish from fishermen before it run out.
  • after this can rest and then prepare for back at the morning, 06.00 AM must go to port, cause ship run at 06.30.

Day 2

  • wake up, packing and prepare to go home by 5 AM, at 6 AM go to port and wait at motorboat
  • 6.30 AM motorboat run for 1 hour 10 minute to Teluk Suak Port.
  • arrived to teluk suak port, then go to singkawang, our drop you to hotel or other place by request.
  • if you want to continue the journey don’t want to singkawang again, you can request us for bring you to other place by request, if we can serve by our rute lane.

Service is Included :

  • Pick Up by Car from Hotel in Singkawang
  • Tourist Guide (English Language) for 2 Day
  • Motorcycle 1 unit
  • WiFi Internet
  • Drop to Hotel in Singkawang

For more information about tour package, price and additional cost, chat me on whatsapp

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TRI : 08999712999


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lemukutan island
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